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...Che cosa?!


Yes, you read that correctly. Opera singers receive a discounted rate. With fewer jobs than monetary costs for working in the opera field, taking care of one's body becomes less of a priority. JecaFIT will meet your budget needs to help you maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle while pursuing a difficult, stressful, and highly demanding career.


As opera singers, we deal with rejection and criticism on nearly a daily basis. When auditions and competitions come around, our life feels as if it is not in our own hands because the results of these events - even after thoroughly preparing and executing our work to the best of our ability - are completely out of our control. I realized quickly that living a passive life in which strangers are constantly in control does not a healthy psyche make. In order to maintain psychological balance, I found a passion that cuts out the middle-man between my hard work and the results I want to achieve.

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