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"As a touring and traveling musician, I have access to hotel gems, but had no clue how to have the most effective workout. That's when Jessica came in! Whether working with her over Skype from a hotel room, or in person, at my apartment, I have fun and dynamic workouts and really feel the burn in the best way. Jessica truly knows her stuff, is a consummate professional, and is so patient and encouraging. Her custom-tailored workouts will help you see results and feel more energy. Thanks, Jess!"

Katie Jacoby

"Jessica is just INCREDIBLE! We started working together so I could perfect my posture and get toned for my upcoming wedding. Jess made a customized exercise plan for me, laying out what to do with a timeline in order to visualize achieving my goals. By the time my wedding rolled around I was in the best shape of my life! Jessica makes workouts fun in the midst of kicking your butt, and her positive reinforcement and motivation had me actually looking forward to my days at the gym! I honestly could not recommend her more!"

Lara Stone

"Jessica was just what I needed.  Motivated by her fun and flexible approach to every exercise session, I was able to find my groove and become a better and healthier me."

Michael Singer

"Jessica truly changed my perception of what a personal trainer can do to harness both my outer strength and my inner self."

Clint Clifford

"Jessica is my favorite personal trainer! She challenges me and makes me feel very positive! All her routines are great! Making so much fun where you can feel love and energy! I definitely recommend Jessica to anyone looking for a great quality personal trainer!"

Ana Echandi

"In a world that’s oversaturated with fitness influencers and fitspo, Jess is the real deal! I worked with Jess for roughly 1 1/2 years and it was the first time I ever felt safe pursuing fitness. She was kind and accommodating of where I was, but pushed me. We always worked on smart, realistic fitness goals. Not only did my body composition inevitably change - but my mental health was also thriving. Jess had the ability to flex and improvise as needed, but comes with a detailed plan and program to get the results you want, and it was always fun. Additionally, personal training is similar to voice lessons in that it can become emotional and personal because we carry trauma and stress in our bodies. Jess has the emotional depth and experience to help in these situations as well."

Christina Kershaw

"Jessica's kind, encouraging, knowledgable demeanor made working out with her a pleasure!! She walks the walk in her own life and knows how to comfortably and confidently encourage others, no matter their current health and body concerns. If you want a personal trainer with knowledge, passion, and skill, I wholeheartedly recommend Jessica."

Daria Fischer

"I started training with Jessica virtually in fall of 2020 because I wanted to be stronger, build my upper body strength, and better understand how to isolate and work individual muscles and muscle groups. To be honest, I don’t like doing HIIT and lifting in the moment…But I love how I feel after a workout, and I LOVE the changes I’ve seen in my body. Not only am I stronger, but I feel more balanced (literally) and have more energy and stamina in my hiking, yoga, swimming (I now have the upper body strength to tackle the butterfly - my new favorite stroke) and in everyday activities like carrying laundry to the basement and lugging groceries home on the subway. I especially love how my upper body has changed: I now fill out my shirts thanks to my stronger & more defined chest, back & arms. Over FaceTime, Jessica gives clear physical demonstrations and verbal instruction, and is the perfect balance of encouragement and honesty. She has realistic timelines for my goals and never makes false promises. Though it does take time, patience and consistency to see results, it’s worth every penny to receive her individualized instruction tailored to my personal needs, skill level and goals. I would highly recommend training with Jessica to beginners, experienced fitness enthusiasts, and anyone in between."

Lucas Bouk

"Jessica is amazing - she works you hard and throws in a lot of different things to keep it interesting. She is fun and compassionate while pushing you to reach your goals. She is also flexible and very accommodating, which is something I prize. Best of the best - I recommend her whole-heartedly!

Stephanie Salzman

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